5-1/2″ Silver Plated Gorget- Antique Reproduction


5-1/2″ Silver Plated Gorget- Antique Reproduction

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A gorget was originally a vital protective part of the suit of armour worn by a medieval knight. The neck or, in French, gorge was protected by the neck plate gorget.

Native Americans and Revolutionary war soldiers were also known to have worn gorgets for similar reasons. Gorgets could be made of stone, shell, bone, or metal and had holes punched or drilled through to allow for hanging around the neck.

This 5-1/2″ silver-plated, brass gorget makes a great addition to a medieval costume for Halloween, school or community theatrical productions, parties, themed events and more. Holes are drilled in each side to permit insertion of a cord or chain (not included) for hanging.

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Weight0.4 lbs
Dimensions1.15 × 1 × 0.6 in